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Medical Staffing Solution

 Headquartered in Florida, A.R.A. Inc A medical staffing solution is a leader in healthcare staffing and recruiting. A.R.A. Inc’s expertise, resources, relationships, and proven strategies have allowed them to develop a proactive, and efficient approach with a deep understanding of how to serve clients Professional Staffing needs. The team at A.R.A. Inc is composed of professionals with an extensive background in staffing and recruiting – capable of matching the right Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Dentist, RN, LPN, and/or Nursing assistant to the perfect medical organization or simply helping a healthcare professional find their next assignment.

Permanent Staffing

For healthcare organizations in need of adding additional physicians and advanced practitioners to their staff, Our staff have  years of success filling positions from primary care to academic chairs.

We Know recruiting talented clinicians and non-clinical professionals to fill your healthcare staffing needs is essential to your organization’s success and patient outcomes. But with healthcare reform, workforce shortages and shrinking budgets, recruiting the best candidates is challenging. A.R.A. Inc Medical Staffing Solution,  Recruiter partners with you to deliver an Access to the nation’s largest and most diverse network of healthcare professionals makes finding the right staff quicker and easier

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 Our Team

A.R.A. Inc Medical Staffing Solution has established itself as a leader in the State of Florida within the Medical Staffing Industry

As an Medical Staffing, A.R.A.Inc provides staffing support for

Nursing Homes


Assisted Living Facilities

Correctional Facilities

Federal & State VA Facilities

Outpatient Clinics

Surgical Centers

Free Standing ER;s Outpatient

Statewide Travel Positions

Our Staffing support consists of day to day PRN scheduling, block booking, and long term contracting for facilities located throughout the State of Florida. Specialties include: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners,  Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's), Registered Nurses (RN's), and Nursing Assistants (CNA's).

Our goal is to establish regional relationships with Healthcare Facilities and help to connect Healthcare Professionals to their needs. We are committed to serving our communities with support that you can count on.

Why Partner With A.R.A. Inc Medical Staffing Solution

A.R.A. Inc Medical Staffing Solution  has a proven model of recruitment backed up by a comprehensive physician recruiter team all of whom are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, which enable A.R.A. Inc to stand out amongst other recruitment agencies. By working closely with other medical Companies, not only can we ensure the highest quality candidates for specific positions, we are also able to ensure that potential recruits are well cared for with the very best guidance for their future career development.

A.R.A. Inc Medical Staffing Solution works closely with managed care companies, hospitals, medical groups and other employers all of whom have differing needs and requirements when searching for staff. Our recruitment methods have evolved and adapted over time to ensure the right person is recruited for the right job at the right time helping bridge the staffing gap. We offer full service search criteria in locating, recruiting and of course placing medical practitioner talent in jobs across the entire state of Florida. Dedicated solely to health care profession recruitment, our methodology has developed to deliver the best, most suitable clinician and medical candidates across the entire spectrum of delivery systems within the healthcare industry.


 A.R.A. Inc Medical Solution is excited to establish and engage in fruitful and longstanding business relationships with companies in the healthcare space. For us, every client is unique. Therefore, we make sure to partner closely with them to understand their goals, and staffing needs in order to identify the “right” Healthcare Professional for their business. Our recruiters understand that the work of a Healthcare professional is a full-time job, which needs to be done with precision and care all focused on the patient. From the interview process, all the way through their first day on the job, A.R.A Inc. Medical Staffing Solution will be there to assist your practice in anything you need.

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Why come on board with us?

Working with A.R.A.Inc Medical Staffing Solution gives you the opportunity to make exceptional industry pay rates and have the ability to choose when and where you want to work. No matter what your scheduling needs are, we can give you that freedom. Please feel free to give us a call today to talk to an experienced Medical Staffing representative.​ 904-409-6525 

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To the Employer:​

Benefits of Partnering with  A.R.A. Inc

  • Quality talent: 
  • Cutting-edge strategies: Precision sourcing and recruitment tailored to your needs and geographies ensure access to passive, first-choice candidates
  • Clinical expertise: A dedicated team with deep clinical expertise uses a quality of hire strategy, delivering candidates who contribute faster and stay longer
  • Cost-savings: A team-based approach that leverages operational scale and sourcing technology to reduce contract labor, direct hire fees and overtime spend
  • Risk mitigation: Industry and regulatory expertise and technological efficiency help you avoid cost of vacancies, bad hires and lost candidates
  • Business agility: Ability to flex recruitment resources up and down while offering a “pay for performance” model helps minimize capital investments and fixed cost commitment
  • Workforce strategy: Best practices and transparent metrics provide insight and data needed to establish efficiencies and optimize your talent acquisition process